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Success Stories

I began my personal training with Marc two and a half years ago and my life has dramatically changed. I was overweight, unfit, and stressed. With Marc’s expertise, guidance, encouragement and motivation, I am now in the best shape of my life. I have dropped fat and gained muscles, lowered my blood pressure, improved my diet, gained energy, strength and self esteem. Training is now a priority in my life and I never could have done it without Marc. It is not easy and he is really tough but definitely effective. Every workout is different. I can honestly say that I look forward to going to train at The Train Station. My friends and colleagues keep asking me for the secret to my success and I simply tell them to train with Marc. Life is good.

Stacey Beatty


I have worked with Brian for the last 4 years: I came to him from another gym where I was totally dissatisfied with the service and integrity of that location. Although I had lost weight I was not lean and toned. Today I have lost well over 70lbs! Being overweight a lot of my life I was timid about many exercises and Brian helped me get past that, today I am doing things I only imagined I would do! The level he pushes me to is unbelievable and is truly the best trainer I have ever had, and I have had many. He is always encouraging to me, gives me confidence, and shows up for every session. He has given me the support I needed for this life change, while educating me on diet and exercise along the way. Brian the results say it all! I can’t thank you enough. You will be my trainer for life! You are truly amazing.

Christina Verissimo


Although I have been “hitting the gym” for many years now I had never got the results I was looking for. I didn't consider using a trainer until late 2011. It turned out to be a good move. Marc quickly pointed out what I was doing and where I had incorporated quite a few “short cuts” into my exercises that were actually making my workout less effective. He explained how over time, things like “muscle memory” can minimize the desired effect of a workout and that I need to seek different movements and techniques regularly. Then he gave me a few suggestions on simple things like just changing my grip every now and then. I don't think I've done the same workout twice. It's been just over a year and I have great improvements in all areas of strength, fat loss, endurance and my overall health has improved. Thanks Marc.

Sam S.


Sharon has been trained by Brian since 2005 and I myself since early 2007. Since we have been working with him both of us have benefitted immensely from the 3 sessions a week. He is knowledgeable; he tailors his workout sessions to the condition of the person he is training. Both Sharon and I have seen improvement in our overall wellbeing. I have lost weight and have managed to keep it off. Sharon’s breathing, due to the tailored workout, is now much better and her energy level is high. Brian is professional and dedicated; he never misses an appointment and is flexible in accommodating us if we need to reschedule a session. We highly recommend.

Nav & Sharon Sahi


I've never been athletic or coordinated. I came to a point where I almost accepted that my body would never change. Since I've started training with Marc, my whole perspective has changed. I've learned to push my limits and trust my body. I not only feel stronger, I feel more confident and capable. After a workout, I feel like I've accomplished something. I'm 36 years old and I haven't felt this good since before I had my kids, at 28. I'm actually excited about working out and seeing what my body can become. I've had trainers before but Marc is so much more knowledgeable than any I've had in the past. When your trainer has passion about being healthy, it's contagious. If I had to sum up what working out with Marc has done for me, I would say, "A mental switch has finally turned on".

Salween Sandhu


I truly appreciate the enormous level of care and interest Brian offers during his training sessions. He’s educated me in exercise and nutrition and thanks to Brian, I’ve been able to get healthier and stronger, have lost weight and now feel better than I have ever felt. At the age of 45, I never thought it possible for me. Brian is innovative and is constantly trying to improve and change the way people approach fitness. He teaches you how to make exercise and health apart of your life. Highly recommend!

Leo D.


The Train Station is unique as they cater to the sedentary individual to the elite athlete. As a health professional even I need direction and that extra push sometimes. I know that Marc has over 20 years of knowledge in the industry and can cater to my individual fitness goals and abilities without causing injury. It is always a pleasure to workout here as I am constantly challenged and improving my fitness goals which Marc reassesses on a regular basis. My workouts are never the same and having friendly, motivating and knowledgeable staff along with results makes you want to come back for more.

Tina Mastrangelo


This is to inform you that Brian has taught me more in the short time that we have been together than all of my gym experience combined. I can notice a change in my weight and my body fat has dropped already. I look forward to more training with him! A+

Lorne P.


Hi my name is Veronica and I train with Marc! I was very scared when I first started with Marc cause of his reputation of being a hard nose! Needless to say, I've been training with Marc for about 7 weeks now and my opinion is completely different. Marc is a great trainer! He knows how to push your limits but not excessively! Yes, I hurt, but it's a good hurt! His training sessions are hard and challenging but I always feel great after accomplishing what he had planned for me. Marc wants to see you succeed and takes it personally if you don't. That's what I like about him as it’s not just his job but his passion. The Train Station is a great place to get yourself motivated and to stick to your goals. One of the things I enjoy most is that it doesn't matter who you train with, whether it be Marc, Brian or Eric they are all very supportive and are there to encourage you when you need it! Thanks Guys!!

Veronica Fournier


I can honestly say that I have never been someone who liked to exercise. Marc has provided me a fun and engaging atmosphere that has allowed me to appreciate the benefits of physical fitness. My lifestyle has changed and I now see the potential that I can reach. Thanks Marc!

Nina V.


I am writing this letter in the hopes to inspire other people as my trainer Marc has inspired me! He has pushed my physical limits to levels that I never thought possible. Marc has created more emotional stability in my life by positive reinforcement and constructive criticism. He is to the point and doesn’t fluff how tough it is to stay focused and committed to a healthier lifestyle.

Paula C.


Two thumbs up to the team at the Train Station for an amazing high energy gym that makes it fun to go to. Great equipment, pro service, and kick ass atmosphere. It has everything you need and nothing you don’t!



I am extremely pleased to have the opportunity to say how much I respect his expertise. Brian has been my trainer for over 10 years and is the primary reason I continue to exercise. He takes goals seriously, challenges me, and is a model for fitness. I am pushing 60 years of age and I would not be where I am without him.

Linda B.


I would like to provide to you my strongest support for the excellent guidance provided by Brian. Being in my late 40’s and under doctor’s orders to exercise due to various health issues I started training with Brian. He has been the best part of joining the gym. The sessions have been challenging and result oriented. My blood work and current physical health show me to be in excellent health and I have completed 2 marathons, three ½ marathons and countless 10k’s! Although one could say that this was due to my own initiative, I truly believe that without the encouragement and knowledge of Brian I would never have gotten to this stage. Thank you Brian for your support!

Andre W.


My name is John Morris and I’ve trained with Brian for a decade. Since I have been training with him my energy levels are through the roof. I used to have multiple health related issues which are now a thing of the past. My strength and muscle mass is thru the roof and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

John Morris


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