Our Mantra

Our Mantra

I TRAIN in a box. It has walls…sometimes. Sometimes we go outside. It’s not the location I value, it’s the people.

I TRAIN in a space where bars, chalk dust and people fly everywhere. There is no equipment in the way, only my friends near me as we all struggle together, and are rewarded all the same.

I TRAIN in a basement. If you didn’t know where it was, you would never find it. There is no sign outside. The signs of training are all inside.

I TRAIN where I am a walking advertisement and hypocrisy is frowned upon.

I TRAIN with people I truly enjoy, and would do anything for. When we train, there are no headphones, we hear yells, trainers instructing, loud ass music and comments geared to making us go even harder…no whining or elevator tune bullshit.

I TRAIN in a place where if I am negative, I will be asked about my stupid ass attitude, and if I am unlucky on that day, I may be asked to leave and come back when I’m positive. Luggage is burnt at the door.

I TRAIN where if I want to keep my shirt on, I can….but there are no rules saying I have to. Where I TRAIN, if someone disrobes to any level, wears short ass shorts or is butt naked after a WOD that’s fine…no attention will be paid, it’s not a pick up joint.

I TRAIN where I’m valued for showing up and putting forth true, real, demanding effort.

I TRAIN where I am judged on my movements and attitude everyday...Not because my trainer is an asshole, but because he truly wants to make me better and wants me to succeed. A piss poor performance will be criticized to make it better, and find out why it happened in the first place.

I TRAIN in a place void of gossip and rumors, and if I was stupid enough to ever spout anything negative, I would be crucified on the spot, by any and all in ear shot. Drama queens are eaten alive where I TRAIN.

I TRAIN where everyone applauds when I do well, and I applaud for them in return.

I TRAIN where integrity rules. If I lie, I only fail myself.

I TRAIN where I am confronted by people who will not allow me to eat shit and call it gold. I want the mirror to be an outward reflection of how I feel inside.

I TRAIN because laziness sickens me and I wish to squeeze every ounce out of life.

I TRAIN where the floor could double as a pool because people actually sweat.

I TRAIN with people of walks of life who share a common denominator, success.

I TRAIN where education is paramount, and if I’m not a constant student, I will fail.

I TRAIN where we are all equal, because we are.

I TRAIN with people that make my day better.

I TRAIN where the only time to beat is my own.

I TRAIN in a place where I want to be, not a place I feel I have to be.

I TRAIN under expectations, expectations to be better than yesterday.

I TRAIN in a community dedicated to the whole. The success of the many is the reason we change and progress so fast. Where I TRAIN it’s not about “I” it is about “us”.

I TRAIN …. What the hell do you do?



The Train Station Motto