Facility Leasing

Welcome Trainers!

The genesis of our facility was spawned from a need to allow personal trainers the freedom to train their clients outside of a home gym and/or big box setting.

We pride ourselves in offering a fitness studio that has all the necessary tools at hand to forge the client into the body of whatever they are pursuing without the need of big gym congestion and inadequate functional equipment.

Our facility leasing fees are very economical which in turn puts the money in your pocket and not the club's. With the cost of fuel, you do not have to drive around in traffic bouncing from one house to another with gear in hand to visit your clients.

All we require is a small administrative charge and your client can invest in their personal or group training budget and not hand it over for expensive monthly dues.

We have a fully serviced private setting with the convenience of a pass card that gives you access to the club at your disposal.


For rates, please contact us at:

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