Team Training and Athletic Development

Athletic Development / Team Training

Every training program needs to focus on what the intent and the goal are when considering how you're going to train. Regardless if you're trying to lose fat, gain strength, increase your speed, or improve your skill development as a hockey or soccer player, you should have a clear goal in mind of what you want to achieve.

The majority of the exercises you do in a program should directly correlate to what it is you're trying to accomplish. Sure, you could just join a gym and lift weights and it wouldn't negatively affect performance, but will it give you the specifics to get you any closer to your goal? For example, if you're a football player and you do some barbell curls, it probably won't do much to make you a better player other than bigger arms. The reality is that your arm strength is linked to the power generated by your core which in turn is related to how firmly your feet are balanced on the turf. Try tackling a tree! It has no arms, yet you will lose.

Functional exercise is the key to athletic performance!

Now the question is, what SHOULD you be doing if you're an ATHLETE? Answer these questions to help keep you on the correct path.

• Is the exercise moving through one plane or multiple planes of motion?

• Is the movement isolated at one joint, or does it involve multiple joints?

• Is the speed of the movement as fast as can be controlled?

• Is the objective of the exercise to train a skill needed for the sport?

• Is aerobic conditioning, reactivity, or power the objective of the exercise?

Every goal will have its own set of questions. Training for function is training for a purpose. Different athletes require different functions. Learn to observe the function of the body in the context of the needs and requirements of your sport and your goals. When you can perform the requirements of your sport, you will excel.

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